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Cannes 2023: Abhilash Thapliyal Is Excited For Kennedy’s Screening, ‘I Feel Blessed And Fortunate’ | Exclusive


May 23, 2023

Abhilash Thapliyal will be walking the red carpet at Cannes 2023 on Wednesday.

Abhilash Thapliyal is ready to attend the midnight screening of Kennedy at Cannes 2023.

Abhilash Thapliyal has been a part of some amazing films and series. Whether it was Shwet Ketu Jha aka SK Sir in TVF Aspirants, Suckesh in TVF Inmates, Chander in Blurr or the most recent series Faadu, the RJ turned actor has successfully found his way into people’s hearts with his natural and forthcoming acting and charm. Now the actor is raring to feature in Anurag Kashyap’s next Kennedy which will be premiering in the midnight screening section at Cannes 2023 Film Festival. Abhilash is elated and grateful to make bis debut at the red carpet.

Speaking exclusively with News18 Showsha, Abhilash shared that he never imagined that he’ll be part of Anurag Kashyap’s film let alone getting an opportunity to grace the red carpet of Cannes. He shared, “I never thought that I’ll be working with Anurag Kashyap ever. We have grown up watching and admiring his work. Whether it was Dev D, Gangs Of Wasseypur, Black Friday. I feel blessed and fortunate. He was shooting for Dobaaraa in Pune and I had gone to meet my friends Taapsee Pannu and Pavail Gulati. That’s when he must have noticed me and thought that I’ll be a perfect fit for his film. While I can’t reveal much about the story or my character, I can certainly say that it will add weight to the film and I am excited for everyone to watch it.”

Recalling the sets of Kennedy and how Anurag Kashyap made the atmosphere conducive, Abhilash stated, “That’s the best thing about him. He treats every actor with respect and care. He is very meticulous and dedicated to his craft and that has been a major takeaway for me as an actor. To see him in his elements and bringing out the best in actors is truly commendable. I used to call him a ‘Teddy Bear’ because he was so sweet to everyone.”

While Abhilash Thapliyal is aptly praised for his acting chops, one look at his Instagram timeline and they would be smitten by his sense of fashion. And since this year’s Cannes has been a highlight for the Indian entertainment fraternity in terms of exquisite fashion galore and eye-catching sartorial dresses, Abhilash has something special planned out for his red carpet walk.

“I won’t be wearing tuxedos that’s for sure. It’s a huge honour for me to represent India as well as my home state Uttrakhand at such a prestigious platform. From talking about Cannes on my radio shows to becoming a part of it, it has been quite a journey. And working with prominent directors like Ajay Bahl and Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari has brought me to this juncture. So I can’t be more grateful for this special opportunity. Since I am from Uttarakhand, my outfit will definitely have a flavour of it. Kudos to my designer for that,” the actor revealed.

In another interview, Abhilash had revealed why Cannes is a big event in his life since he is not called at film awards shows in India. When asked why is that, the actor quipped, “I don’t why it’s like that. Maybe they don’t know that I exist (laughs)”. Further, when quizzed about the importance of awards in his life, the actor answered, “It’s certainly a recognition of one’s hardwork. It feels validating since it acknowledges and celebrates one’s craft. It boosts one’s confidence. It pushes one to work even harder.”

Between Kennedy and Blurr, Abhilash Thapliyal gave avid fans of Aspirants a much-deserved breather with the spin-off series SK Sir Ki Class, a character that Abhilash considers the most important, “SK Sir brought me in everyone’s sight. It gave me a medium to showcase the acting side of me, especially since I don’t come from an acting background. The impact of that character is surreal and because of it I received so much love. SK Sir is the only character in the TVF universe that has a standalone series of his own. So it’s definitely special,” the actor expressed.

After Kennedy, Abhilash would star in Ajay Devgn starrer Maidaan that is slated to release later this year. Interestingly, After Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal, it is the only film that will highlight football as the overarching theme. Sharing an anecdote about how he bagged the part, Abhilash shared, “Back in 2018, I was approached for a role in this film. Considering, I had to audition for a football player, I had asked my friend Saqib Saleem to give a space in his apartment complex to practice football with my coach. I had trained for a good 4-5 months but in the end couldn’t secure that role. However, later I was asked to play the commentator in the film. And since I had prior experience of being a commentator coupled with my radio background, this role was right up my alley and it has turned out so well. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

Despite so much popularity and fame, Abhilash has stayed grounded and humble to this day, a trait that connects him with his admirers on a whole different level. Explaining what helped him not to let fame get to his head, Abhilash stated, “if I am at this glorious juncture, it’s due to love, adulation and support of all those people who recognised me and allowed me to flourish at my own pace. I will never forget them. It gives a confidence boost to my abilities. Also, it’s due to the presence of my family and friends that kept me so rooted for all these years. And I hope it continues to stay like this in the future as well.”

Kennedy is written and directed by Anurag Kashyap starring Rahul Bhat and Sunny Leone. The film has been produced by Zee Studios and Ranjan Singh & Kabir Ahuja of Good Bad Films. The DOP of the film is Sylvester Fonseca. The music of the film is composed by Ashish Narula with Aamir Aziz & Boyblanck. The editing of the film is done by Tanya Chhabria and Deepak Kattar. The sound design of the film is done by Kunal Sharma and Dr. Akshay Indikar.

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