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Google Software Engineer Shares Tips To Receive Interview Calls From Top Companies


May 20, 2023

Deeksha Pandey said that she subscribed to the career pages of more than 100 companies.

Deeksha Pandey said that before applying for any job, it is very important to adjust your resume accordingly.

Getting recruited into the top companies of the world like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Infosys is a dream for thousands of youngsters. Most of us prepare for our goals from high school itself, but it needs to be understood that being academically gifted alone does not ensure our recruitment in these top companies. With the advent of the digital age, competition has also increased by leaps and bounds and hence it is crucial to keep some other things in mind if your ultimate goal is to get into these top companies. Some tips have been shared by a software engineer at Google, Deeksha Pandey regarding the same on her LinkedIn profile.

According to Diksha, she got interview calls or online assessment links from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Goldman Sachs and Infosys. Here, we summarise the tips shared by her to receive interview calls from top companies.

Deeksha says she subscribed to the career pages of almost more than 100 companies. The benefit of doing this is that whenever there is a vacant position for any of these companies, one would be instantly notified by mail.

Deeksha also revealed that she had participated in many of the hiring drives organised by multiple companies. She also listed some sites that often conduct these contests like HackerEarth and D2C.

She used to regularly participate in Hackathons as well, which helped her in getting interview calls. For example, after participating in Microsoft Fixathon, she got an interview call from Microsoft.

Before applying for any job, it is very important to adjust your resume accordingly. Deeksha suggested that she used to customise her resume according to the job description as too much information may go against you.

The final and most crucial thing Deeksha said was to remain patient. She claims to have received over a thousand rejection emails, but she did not stop from applying for new jobs.

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