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Kate Middleton sends cryptic message to Russia’s Putin


May 5, 2023

Kate Middleton posed for a picture with Olena Volodymyrivna Zelenska and Jill Biden, the first ladies of Ukraine and the United States who arrived in the UK to attend the coronation of King Charles.

Thousands of people praised the Princess of Wales after she posted the picture on her social media accounts.

Kate Middleton sends cryptic message to Russias Putin

The British royal family has stood by the people of Ukraine amid the war imposed  on the country by Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Kate Middleton’s social media post was seen as a message of support to the people of Ukraine.

The photo of Princess of Wales is all set to anger the Russian president  and his supporters online as it features women who belong to the countries seen as enemies in Russia.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden sent his wife to attend the coronation, a decision which has been widely criticized by the British press and royal commentators.

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