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Mark Zuckerberg Ran 5km in Less Than 20 Minutes and Of Course the ‘Robot’ Theory is Back


May 4, 2023

Mark Zuckerberg’s running speed has Twitter in awe. (Credits: Instagram/@zuck)

Mark Zuckerberg and his crew casually hit their sub-20 minute goals and it looks like he’s never beating the ‘robot’ allegations.

It seems Mark Zuckerberg is never beating the “alien” allegations. There’s a running joke about the Meta founder, whereby people claim that Zuck is actually an alien or a robot roaming among us mere mortals. Zuckerberg’s photos on social media are often dragged through the trenches, with one of his selfies with his colleagues last year getting edited to the point that people sincerely thought something was wrong.

Now, the alien theory is back and raging once again. The reason? Zuckerberg’s running speed. He and his friends casually hit a sub20mins 5km. This means that he finished running 5km in less than 20 minutes- 19:34 minutes to be precise. His speed was 3:55mins/km. Which is pretty cool, and for the average Twitter user, pretty extraordinary.

“Easy for a billionaire robot,” one Twitter user wrote. “He is practicing for when ‘eat the rich’ crowd comes after him,” quipped another. “Elon wants to live on Mars, and Bezos wants to have Amazon fulfillment centers across the solar system, but Zuckerberg? Zuckerberg is getting ready to hunt people for sport,” reads one tweet. “Was it in Metaverse or Actualverse??????” One Twitter user asked.

One Twitter user put forward a separate theory that doesn’t have anything to do with aliens, robots or the metaverse:

Looks like it did happen in Actualverse.

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