• Sun. May 28th, 2023

Meghan Markle look alike says she is a ‘punching bag’ for Britons


May 3, 2023

Meghan Markle look alike, Sarah Mhlanga, is opening up about getting hate because of portraying the duchess.

Sarah admits she has been used as a punching bag by public for years after Meghan sat in for a tell-all with Oprah.

“There are some people who feel like [Meghan is] waging a war on the royals, and people can’t access Meghan so they’re using me as their punchbag.

Speaking further about the backlash she has received from the public, Sarah adds: “I get messages saying I’m attention-seeking and that I should be ashamed to represent Meghan, it’s so hurtful. I love Meghan, but now, after this interview, I’m worried people won’t want to hire me.”

Praising Meghan for her work, Sarah continued: “Meghan does amazing charity work and champions women which, as a feminist, I completely agree with, and I think she’s had a tough time,” Sarah continued.

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