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Meghan Markle ‘a deeply hypocritical and ungracious woman’


Apr 29, 2023

Experts have just bashed Meghan Markle for ‘carping and moaning’ despite having gotten “everything she seemingly wanted.”

Royal commentator and expert Maureen Callahan issued these claims.

Callahan started the chat off by saying, “Remember when we all first met her? It wasn’t through that basic cable drama or the insipid lifestyle blog she ran. No, it was through a Vanity Fair cover story anointing her as Britain’s next royal, the coverline reading, ‘She’s Just Wild About Harry!’”

“And for that glowing piece, a ringing endorsement by a major US publication, setting her up as a future royal with the Palace’s implied endorsement, what did Meghan Markle do?”

“You got it: she screamed racism. Sure, one of the most politically correct, liberal publications in the US, edited by a half-American half-Indian woman, would set out to smear Meghan Markle with a racial epithet.”

“Markle’s complaint? The VF cover line referenced a song called ‘I’m Just Wild About Harry,’ sung in 1939 by Judy Garland in blackface. Who under the age of 95 would even know that?”

“And so our long national nightmares began, America and Britain not so united against a common enemy since WWII: a deeply hypocritical and ungracious woman who, having gotten everything she seemingly wanted — enormous fame, wealth and privilege — spent the better part of it, as the world struggled through a pandemic, carping and moaning.”

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