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Netflix ‘Queen Charlotte’ star Corey Mylchreest calls Freddie Dennis ‘heartthrob’


Apr 27, 2023

Netflix ‘Queen Charlotte’ star Corey Mylchreest calls Freddie Dennis ‘heartthrob’

Netflix series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story star Corey Mylchreest praised his co-star while sharing his desire to become a heartthrob.

In an exclusive chat with PEOPLE, the actor, who plays young King George in the upcoming Netflix series Queen Charlotte joked about being ready to become a Bridgerton heartthrob globally.

“yeah, yeah, yeah” said the actor enthusiastically, when asked about his potential dreamboat status at the show’s Los Angeles premiere, he continued “I don’t think there’s any need to mentally prepare for that. Who knows what’s going to happen?”

Mylchreest also pointed the finger at fellow star of Bridgerton’s spinoff Freddie Dennis, who is playing the role of Reynolds.

“He’s the real heartthrob of the whole operation,” said Mylchreest.

Mylchreest seemingly believes the status is part of the Bridgerton game, because of the presence of ample amount of ready heartthrobs on set.

“It’s a testament to the team at Netflix, and Shonda [Rhimes]’s writing, and Tom [Verica]’s direction, and everyone else’s acting,” he added.

“They could put anyone in this role, and they would be a contender for whatever sort of sexy man thing there is. So, I don’t feel any need to prepare for that because I don’t think it’s necessarily coming.”

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story will be premiered on Netflix May 4, 2023.

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