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Did Prince William make a secret deal to stop Harry from suing newspaper?


Apr 27, 2023

King Charles tried to stop the Duke of Sussex taking legal action against newspapers over alleged phone-hacking, court papers claim.

Prince Harry said he was “summoned to Buckingham Palace” and told to drop the cases because of the effect on the family.

The duke is suing the publisher of the Sun, News Group Newspapers, over alleged unlawful information-gathering.

Harry said Palace and the newspaper group had struck a backroom deal – which is why he did not bring a claim earlier. He said he first became aware of the alleged deal in around 2012.

He said Prince William, was paid a “very large sum” by the owners of the Sun newspaper to settle his own historical phone-hacking claims.

The payment was made in 2020 . While he did not say William stopped him from suing the newspaper, the Duke’s supporters think King Charles was apparently stopping Harry on the request of the Prince of Wales.

William’s critics said it was part of his secret agreement with the newspaper group that he would prevent his younger brother from bringing any action.

Harry and Meghan’s supporters think the agreement may not be legal but William might have made a promise with the belief that being the Heir gives him authority over the life and actions of the Spare.

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