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RiotPWR Gaming Controller RP1950 Is Future Proof


Apr 26, 2023

It won’t be long now before all of Apple’s devices become USB-C based, due to the rulings by European regulators, so as the future will soon revolve around USB-C mobile gamers will soon be left with controllers they can’t use. RiotPWR is getting ahead of the curve with this problem by creating the world’s first future-proof controller with both Lightning and USB-C capability and connections.

Available now on the Apple Store, the RiotPWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iOS (RP1950) is the newest cloud gaming mobile controller from RiotPWR but with one key difference, this new controller comes with a swappable cable. This allows players to choose between their lightning compatible devices or a USB-C iOS device, but how does it measure up to the RiotPWR ESL Gaming Controller?

The Look

In my previous review I praised The ESL for having a broad and bold look, the green and white mixed with small touches of yellow really caught my attention and helped make the controller look unique and distinct. The RP1950 does away with that and looks more like an off brand Xbox crontroller, practically everything about the ESL and the RP1950 are the same, including the price.

The Clip that holds the phone still has the amazing front mount, this puts the phone in a better position and puts the weight in the front rather than on top. The clip is also adjustable and doesn’t feel stiff, repositioning the phone is smooth and effortless, making setup a breeze.


Like the ESL, the RP1950 has low power consumption and the cable pass through is still top of the class,  it also keeps the four LEDs down the middle of the controller showing which player is controller 1,2,3 and 4. The support for 3.5mm headsets are still there next to the lightning port, giving players who don’t use wireless earbuds more options with their headsets and it leaves the charging port opened up and free.

In my ESL review I wanted to see the new models support more sharing options and maybe even allow users to pick services that they already have on their device, as of now the options are still only Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

The biggest feature is the new swappable cables, on the back of the controller is a small ejection button that can be pushed using a tiny pin that you would use with ejecting SIM cards from a phone, this thing is honestly a surprising pain to deal with as it always felt like I was about to bend or break something. It was honestly a hassle to get the lightning cord out, the cords sport a sliding pin that doesn’t ‘snap’ into place, instead you’ll have to keep an eye on the plastic tab and that thin piece is stronger than I thought.

The Mapp App

The Ludu Mapp app functions as the home of sorts for gamers, it provides the best and easiest way to see what games support controllers, it also offers movies, walk through guides, xCloud, PS Remote Play set up and curated games that could help players find their next favorite game. It also functions as a way to update the controller’s software whenever they become available.

The app looks like a store, but the games aren’t downloaded through the app itself, users while be sent to the App store and only there can the game be downloaded on the device. Thankfully the app is updated in real time, so paid game prices are updated to match what’s in the digital store.

The Feel

In the past I said the ESL was a huge improvement when it came to the feel of the controller that I actually wanted to knock points off of my review for the RR1852, the RP1950 feels just the same as the ESL to the point that I’m going to now compare it to a basic Xbox controller. And the result is the same, it’s a great feeling controller, it’s not heavy and it doesn’t feel light and cheap.

The input buttons are more like the Xbox thanks to the shape of the controller, the D-pad doesn’t feel that much different than the ESL, it still has a lower profile that mimics the newer Xbox controllers. The share and option buttons are also lower than before, this makes the buttons feel like they’re in the controller and it still feels strange to work with, you’ll notice as you slide your fingers across the controller that the buttons are made of a completely different material and the design helps keep the share button from being accidentally pushed

Input lag, like the last model, was nonexistent and the controller still works as flawlessly as before, the zero gravity clip feels just as sturdy as the ESL and the thumbsticks feel more in tuned with the Xbox controller than any other mobile controller I have ever tried.

The ESL outperformed the RR1852 PWR Plus as the most user friendly mobile controller I’ve ever used, and the RP1950 is no different (quite literally) I can honestly say that the RP1950 is still the best mobile controller I’ve seen on the market, especially now that controller will be usable on iPhone both past and future (with iOS 7 or later devices). Screen shooting and recording is still quick and just as easy as before, sadly swapping cables feel like a hassle and could use some improvement, but is it worth the $70 price tag?

At the time I said I couldn’t recommend the $70 price tag for the ESL. It did nearly everything right, but an Xbox controller can cost just as much (depending on the style of the controller) or even less and those have the added benefit of being compatible with an Xbox, mobile device and a PC; with the swappable cables the RP1950 could possibly be compatible with PC’s equipped with USB-C ports (I couldn’t test this, but I will).

With this new option now a reality I would recommend the RP1950, it feels like a great entry point for mobile gamers and has the benefits of being compatible with modern iOS devices and future versions straight out of the box.

The RP1950 is a controller that will be enjoyed by mobile gamers using iOS devices, especially mobile games content creators who want easy sharing functionality built in, the plug and play function is still something that gives it an edge over using an Xbox or PlayStation 5 controller and its built specifically for iOS.


This review is based on a product provided by RiotPWR

The Review

RiotPWR Gaming Controller RP1950


  • The swappble cables are a great QoL feature
  • Plug and play is still simple and user friendly


  • It’s the ESL without the bold look

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