• Sun. May 28th, 2023

Prince Harry believed death in Afghanistan would stop ‘fake headlines’


Apr 25, 2023

Prince Harry is touching upon the time he left for Afghanistan to serve his country in the war.

Writing in his book ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex admits he was relieved he would die a heroic death in the Asian region.

Harry pens: “If I die in Afghanistan, I thought, at least I’ll never have to see another fake headline, read another shameful lie about myself. I thought a lot on that flight about dying. What would it mean? Did I care? I tried to picture my funeral. Would it be a state funeral? Private?”

Harry adds: “I tried to imagine the headlines: Bye, Harry. How would I be remembered by history? For the headlines? Or for who I actually was? Would Willy walk behind my coffin? Would Grandpa and Pa?”

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