• Sun. May 28th, 2023

Prince Harry reveals how Army used ‘humour’ to test him as cadet


Apr 18, 2023

Prince Harry talks about his struggles in the British Army bootcamp back in 2006.

The Duke of Sussex, who served a decade in the military, talks about various types of pain he had to endure in order to survive.

He pens in ‘Spare’: “They used a variety of approaches. Physical duress, psychological intimidation—and humor? I remember one color sergeant pulling me aside. Mr. Wales, I was on guard one day at Windsor Castle, wearing my bearskin, and along came a boy who kicked gravel on my boots! And that boy…was YOU!”

Harry continues: “He was joking, but I wasn’t sure I should laugh, and I wasn’t sure it was true. I didn’t recognize him, and I certainly didn’t remember kicking gravel on any guardsmen. But if it was true, I apologized and hoped we could put it behind us.”

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