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Rawalpindi police go extra mile to set up desks for special people


Apr 1, 2023

Regional Police Officer, Syed Khurram Ali speaking in a video message. Twitter/Rporwp

RAWALPINDI: Specialised desks have been established across all four districts of the Rawalpindi region at the Protection Centre, catering to the needs of abandoned children and transgender individuals, following directives from the Inspector General of Punjab Police (IGP), Dr Usman Anwar. 

According to a police spokesman, these centers are already operational in Rawalpindi, Attock, Jhelum, and Chakwal.

Children with hearing disabilities and individuals with visual impairments will be able to lodge their complaints and obtain information through video messages on WhatsApp.

The Rawalpindi Region police are determined to provide inclusive service delivery to all members of society without any form of discrimination, affirmed Regional Police Officer, Syed Khurram Ali.

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