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Horoscope Today, 02 April, 2023: Money Astrological Prediction for Sunday


Apr 1, 2023

MONEY MANTRA RASHIFAL BY ASTROBHOOMI: Check out today’s prediction by Bhoomika Kalam, an International astrologer and tarot card reader. (Image: Shutterstock)

MONEY MANTRA RASHIFAL BY ASTROBHOOMI: Pisces may get the benefit of your decision making abilities today


The day is not favourable for shifting to a new office or starting work on a new project. Money can be gained from routine work. You can make up your mind to take a loan. There may be trouble with a business partner or a close associate.

REMEDY: Feed green grass or spinach to the cow.


The day will be special for businessmen, some special deal will get finalised. Unnecessary expenditure may increase. Employed people should not be negligent towards their health.

REMEDY: Light a ghee lamp in the Goddess Durga temple.


Worry about debt may increase. There can be opportunities for fortune. There will be chances of improvement in the economic condition. Unemployed can get employment.

REMEDY: Donate white things to a poor.


Do not worry about the stopped work, it will be taken care of. There can be a dispute with the employees regarding some work. Investing in property will be beneficial.

REMEDY: Feed the bird.


Today, there can be a rift with the officer in the workplace or with the businessman. With your work skills, you will win over your enemies. Today you can consider starting a new business.

REMEDY: Give something sweet to the black dog.


New work and new business deals may come up. The day will be good to deal with problems. A new offer can also be found. Start the work thoughtfully, soon your work will be completed.

REMEDY: Serve a physically challenged person.


There may be interruptions in ongoing projects and works. Avoid any kind of debate or confrontation. It would be better to avoid investment. Read all the documents carefully before entering into any transaction.

REMEDY: Mix sugar in the flour of ants and add it.


There will be a situation of anger and tension in the office. There can be a dispute with family members regarding money. Don’t do any work by getting carried away by emotion, there will be loss.

REMEDY: Light a mustard oil lamp under a Peepal tree in the evening.


People thinking of changing jobs will get new opportunities. Work can start on some new plans in the business.

REMEDY: Feed jaggery to a red cow.


Today is a mixed fruitful day. Be alert in the ongoing works. There will be opportunities for influence and glory in the field.

REMEDY: Offer garland of white flowers to Goddess Saraswati.


If you want to take a loan from any person, bank or institution, do not take, it will be difficult to repay. You will get the support of old friends and good friends will also increase.

REMEDY: Present the flag in the Lord Ram temple.


You can get the benefit of your decision making abilities today. Stalled works will be completed today. If you have to invest in some work, do it with open heart, you will get full benefit in future. Economic matters will be resolved.

REMEDY: Light a ghee lamp in the Lord Hanuman temple.

(The author Bhoomika Kalam is an International astrologer and tarot card reader. Bhoomika is founder of a science-based Astrology platform called ‘AstroBhoomi’. She was honoured with Global Peace Award.)

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