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Centre Directs Pulses Importers To Declare Stocks Regularly To Avoid Hoarding


Mar 31, 2023

Since February, there has been a jump in pulses prices by Rs 1,200 per quintal.

To reduce the prices of urad, moong and arhar dal, the central government has asked pulses importers to declare their stockpiles.

To reduce the prices of urad, moong and arhar dal, the centre has asked pulses importers to declare their stockpiles. On Wednesday, a committee was formed to monitor dal prices. The committee discussed the stock of toor dal held by various entities such as importers, millers, stockists, traders and others. Further, the board has asked them to check the hoarding of the pulses. Since February, there has been a jump in the prices of pulses by about Rs 1,200 per quintal. This has affected the prices of pulses which increased by Rs 10 to 15 in the retail market.

The committee is closely observing the import of dal and has additionally requested that the organisations confirm the information regarding the stock. On Wednesday, the committee met with representatives from all the states and Union Territories under the chairmanship of Additional Secretary Nidhi Khare. They were asked to look into all possible avenues for boosting the number of registered entities in the Stock Declaration Portal, such as FSSAI licensees, APMC registered traders, GST Registered traders of pulses, etc.

States were also urged to obtain data from public and private warehouse service providers to cross-check the stocks reported. To guarantee their prompt release from ports, it was also emphasised how important it is to keep an eye on imported pulse stocks at custom-bonded warehouses. Since February, the price of arhar legumes has increased by about Rs 1,200 per quintal. In February, arhar was widely accessible for Rs 8,550 to Rs 9,000 per quintal, but the price has since risen to Rs 10,500.

India imports about 60% of its lentils, and since toor dal is a staple food that people use almost every day, the centre is concentrating on its increasing costs. The report of the committee suggested observing the prices of the dal. The report concentrates on lentils that are becoming more expensive. The association has also urged the organisations not to engage in hoarding activities. The centre will host a meeting shortly to go over the issue in greater detail with those involved in the lentil value chain.

However, a healthy harvest of grams and lentils is anticipated over the next few days, which could lead to a decrease in the price of these pulses. However, the uncertainty over the arhar dal price will endure. Thus to monitor the prices, the central government has taken steps and established a committee to monitor hoarding.

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