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Meghan Markle asked Harry to check ‘BBC’ for Queen on plane to Scotland


Mar 27, 2023

Prince Harry reveals Meghan Markle broke the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s demise as he boarded a plane to Scotland.

The Duke of Sussex jetted off to meet his ailing grandmother while he received a text message from his wife.

Recalling the call, Harry pens: “As the plane began its descent, my phone lit up. A text from Meg. Call me the moment you get this. I checked the BBC website. Granny was gone. Pa was King. I put on my black tie, walked off the plane into a thick mist, sped in a borrowed car to Balmoral.”

He continues: “Hunched against the cold, I hurried into the foyer. Aunt Anne was there to greet me. I hugged her. Where’s Pa and Willy? And Camilla? Gone to Birkhall, she said. She asked if I wanted to see Granny. Yes…I do”

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