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Kate Middleton’s ring with ‘mystical.powers’ was inherited by Prince Harry


Feb 17, 2023

Kate Middleton’s 12-carat blue sapphire engagement ring could have helped her secure a successful match with Prince William, express.co.uk reported while quoting a jewellery expert as saying.

According to outlet, the ring was personally picked by Princess Diana after then-Prince Charles proposed and was initially inherited by Prince Harry.

The Duke of Sussex gave it to Prince Williamto propose to Catherine in 2011.

Jewellery expert Steven Baker said the sapphire has long been included in a lengthy list of stones believed to have “mystical powers” capable of influencing their wearer’s life.

He told express.co.uk, “Princess Diana’s engagement ring has a stunning sapphire, but it’s not just for decoration.”

He added, “Royal jewellery has shone with gemstones that possess ‘Mystical Powers’ since the Middle Ages. Mainly sapphires are renowned for strengthening fidelity and commitment as well as bringing stability and prosperity to the financial situation.”

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