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Eminem did not offer condolence to his stunt double’s family?


Feb 16, 2023

Ryan Shepard, a former stunt double for Eminem, died after being hit by a pickup truck while trying to cross the street.

He is survived by two children.

Eminem did not offer condolence to his stunt doubles family?

According to TMZ, Shepard, 40, had toured as a stand-in for the “Lose Yourself” rapper in his 2002 Anger Management Tour, and also flew into the MTV Movie Awards as the rapper’s superhero alter-ego Rapper Boy.

His brother told TMZ that Ryan Shepard was rushed to a hospital following the tragic accident in Washington state last month but could not be resuscitated.

His brother added that Shepard went on to work as a mechanical ride engineer for Disney and a test automation engineer for SpaceX.

While hundreds of people expressed condolences to the family of Shepard, there was no word of sympathy from the “Lose Yourself” rapper on social media.

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