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Prince Harry talks about Royal ‘obsession’ for official engagements: ‘Feverish’


Feb 11, 2023

Prince Harry talks about the darker side of the British Royal Family.

The Duke of Sussex shares how each member of the Royal Family is competitive with one another to rank higher in the Court Circular.

Harry shares in his memoir ‘Spare’: “The Court Circular was an ancient document, but it had lately morphed into a circular firing squad. It didn’t create the feelings of competitiveness that ran in my family, but it amplified them, weaponized them. Though none of us ever spoke about the Court Circular directly, or mentioned it by name, that only created more tension under the surface, which built invisibly as the last day of the calendar year approached.”

He then shared how the document helps define the monetary worth of each member of the Royal Family.

He began: “Certain family members had become obsessed, feverishly striving to have the highest number of official engagements recorded in the Circular each year, no matter what, and they’d succeeded largely by including things that weren’t, strictly speaking, engagements, recording public interactions that were mere blips, the kinds of things Willy and I wouldn’t dream of including. Which was essentially why the Court Circular was a joke.”

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