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Rakhi Sawant faints outside police station while interacting with media amid Adil Durrani’s arrest


Feb 8, 2023

Rakhi Sawant claims ‘Adil Durrani tried to take away her money and jewellery in her absence’

Rakhi Sawant, who filed an FIR against husband Adil Durrani yesterday, fainted and fell down on the ground while interacting with the media outside Oshiwara Police Station.

Earlier today, paparazzi shared a video where Sawant can be seen losing her consciousness while talking to the media.

On February 7, Rakhi filed a complaint against Adil accusing him of domestic violence. She also stated that he took away her money and jewelry from her apartment without her knowledge. Adil has been arrested by the Mumbai police as soon as the FIR was lodged.

On the other hand, Rakhi’s brother Rakesh Sawant also came forward to speak up against her husband. According to him, Adil tried to kill the former Bigg Boss contestant.

Rakesh claimed: “This is an attempt to murder and even today he threw a glass at her. He tried to kill her. He thinks he can take away Rakhi’s property after her.”

He further revealed that his sister kept silent regarding the issues she was facing in her married life. “When we were at the funeral (Rakhi Sawant’s mother’s), we did not know anything about it.”

As per News18, Rakesh Sawant also shared that even though, Rakhi Sawant was married to Adil Durrani for the past eight months; she still did not announce the marriage as her husband did not want it.

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