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Watch: Korean Blogger’s Fun Reaction To Pulse Candy


Feb 3, 2023

Last Updated: February 03, 2023, 16:54 IST

Park Hyo-Jeong reacted to Pulse on her Instagram. (Image source: Instagram/mhyochi.png)

South Korean Blogger Mhyochi reacted to the Pulse candy and it was not exactly what she excepted the taste to be.

Mukbang is a trend many people have loved to try out on social media. From elaborate meals to something simple, there are a variety of delicacies we were able to witness. One of the reasons why Mukbang gained so much traction was because people could vicariously enjoy the meal based on its aesthetic presentation and how the one eating reacted to it. Sometimes though these reactions can be too amusing especially if you know what the food actually tastes like. Korean blogger, Park Hyo-Jeong, who goes by the handle Mhyochi did a mini Mukbang of sorts when she recorded herself reacting to eating a famous Indian candy. It was the sweet and sour candy Pulse. She looks excited when she first takes the candy out of its wrapper. Needless to say, it was recommended to the blogger.

Social media users understood that Pulse did not suit her palate. Many remarked that if eating the candy was hard for her, there were several other dishes and candies they could think would have been harder for her taste buds. An Instagram user wrote, “Have some patience. It was not meant to be brutally chewed in one go.”

“You don’t know how to eat it. You don’t need to eat it. You just need to keep it in your mouth and let it melt. Then you will understand the real taste,” another user commented.

A comment read, “Ayo Pulse is top-tier candy, you don’t realize it but you’re crying tears of joy.”

The blogger previously went viral for her trip to India and how it began with an unfortunate situation of harassment. Park Hyo-Jeong was sexually harassed on the streets of Mumbai while she was live-streaming around the Khar area. A man tried to forcefully hold her hand on a busy street.

Since the blogger was on live-stream, the entire incident was captured on camera. The man was seen dragging the woman by her hand and seemingly asking her to go for a ride on his bike. Uncomfortable with the situation, Hyo-Jeong refused and tried to tell him it was because she was wearing a dress. He goes on to try and kiss her while she resists. The Mumbai Police took prompt action and the culprits were arrested.

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