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Kate Middleton finally talks baby no. 4: ‘What would William say’


Feb 3, 2023

Kate Middleton reportedly had a one sentence reply to anyone asking her if she’ll have a fourth baby and her reply left the entire room in fits of laughter.

Daily Express’ Royal Round-Up, host Pandora Forsyth and royal correspondent Richard Palmer made these admissions.

The conversation arose once Mr Forsyth asked “Do you think they’ll have another one?”

In fits of laughter Mr Palmer responded by saying, “No, I don’t think so.”

He also added, “I think you’ve asked me this before”, especially considering Kate Middleton finally put all rumors to rest, when she said, “I think William would kill me if I did.”

Mr Forsyth on the other hand didn’t seem convinced and claimed, “Alright then, but if she is pregnant again, I’m going to clip this up and play [it].”

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