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Know habits that can lead to an unhappy married life


Jan 31, 2023

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Bad habits in a relationship may not be that different from bad habits in general, yet they can ruin a relationship.

The good news is that you still have time to get rid of those harmful habits and save your marriage.

Everybody has habits that irritate their partners, but if you don’t modify some of them, they could end up ruining your marriage. When a couple decides to get married, they promise to stay together forever. But as time passes, it is simple to fall into a marriage rut and let minor irritations grow into unhealthy routines. Bad habits in a relationship may not be that different from bad habits in general, yet they can ruin a relationship.

While certain aspects of your personality are acceptable, undesirable behaviours can be off-putting to your partner. Some of the poor habits that can affect your relationship include being inconsiderate, causing difficulties for your partner or others, being careless, not listening, not wanting to change and not respecting your partner or others. Yet, the good news is that you still have time to break those harmful habits and save your married life. Here are 6 bad habits that can ruin your married life:

1. Ignoring what your partner says

One of the most crucial elements of a fulfilling and lasting relationship is communication. The journey is smoother when everyone gets along well with one another. Never dismiss your partner’s interactions, especially when they are serious. Although you could become agitated, patience is the key. Listen to your partner when they try to communicate with you.

2. Not addressing important issues

It’s always preferable to deal with concerns in a relationship as soon as they arise. But many people would rather take the simple route and ignore the problem at hand. Why? The traditional fight-or-flight response and continue to avoid the issue until it gets out of hand. It’s too late once the conflict begins.

3. Putting others before your spouse

You will undoubtedly have problems at home if you prioritise your friends, coworkers or family before your spouse. There can be no conflicting allegiance. When you married and started a family, that is where your first allegiance should lie. Your partner is entitled to your firsts, not your leftovers. Your spouse’s thoughts and opinions should always take precedence over others.

4. Comparing your spouse with your ex-partner

Even though no one will acknowledge it, it’s typical to compare a current relationship to a past one and make brief mental notes about it. Sometimes you don’t even need to say things out loud. This behaviour not only prevents one from appreciating the moment but also has the potential to destroy a marriage over time.

5. Talking behind your partner’s back

After a heated argument with a spouse, what does a person do first? Call a friend or family member and sob uncontrollably. When a spouse is not around, someone can speak cruelly about them without even realising it.

6. Not being affectionate

Sexual intimacy is acceptable, but don’t forget to offer other forms of affection as well. A relationship’s passion can be rekindled with the help of some of the simplest gestures, such as hugging, kissing, holding hands and cuddling. Do not let these disappear. To make your lover feel cherished, make every effort to retain your physical toughness. Keep in mind that little things can result in enormous delights.

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