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‘Thanks Pfizer’ Memes Shake Up Twitter As People ‘Fake’ Tremors After Covid-19 Vaccine


Jan 24, 2023

Last Updated: January 24, 2023, 12:53 IST

‘Thanks Pfizer’ memes are going viral. (Credits: YouTube screengrabs)

‘Thanks Pfizer’ has become a meme since many Americans made claims about getting ‘tremors’ after taking the Covid-19 vaccine, which experts have found unlikely.

A number of Americans have claimed that they suffered tremors after taking the vaccine against Covid-19, sharing videos of themselves shaking and spasming. These are widely being considered inaccurate representations. The Poynter Institute’s fact-checking website, PolitiFact, reported that the Louisiana Department of Health wasn’t aware of anyone suffering such spasms as a consequence of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

The NHS and CDC have stated that tremors are a known side-effect of Covid-19, as per a London Evening Standard report. Experts also told PolitiFact that they haven’t heard reports of such effects.

One Angelia Desselle sharing a video of her legs appearing to shake uncontrollably. “This is me after 1 dose of Pfizer on 1/5/2021 in the hospital. I was a very healthy 45 year old who managed a surgery center. Two years later I am still having major issues,” she wrote in a tweet. Her videos have been fact-checked by Twitter Readers.

Since then, ‘thanks, Pfizer’ has become a meme and it’s ‘shaking’ Twitter up.

The Covid-19 vaccine’s side-effects are usually mild and short-lived, the London Evening Standard report added.

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