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Matchpoint Tennis Championships Live Review


Jan 20, 2023

Matchpoint Tennis Championships feels like a passion project that was built with love and pride, Torus Games has done a great job with the gameplay mechanics and have built a solid system, but the game leaves much to be desired.

The game is fun in short playthroughs, depending on the difficulty settings, players can expect a single match to last over 30 minutes. Tennis enthusiasts may be disappointed in the small roaster of licensed players and courts, but remember, this is Torus first big tennis game, there’s a lot they will learn from this entry.

Matchpoint definitely suffers from first round syndrome, there are so many features missing from this freshman debut; players will only get a subpar career mode with a lackluster character creator, an online mode, and an exhibition mode. There are no doubles, no unlockable characters, no social hub for multiplayer, nothing beyond the clean basic gameplay mechanic.

If you have GamePass then I would recommend giving Matchpoint Tennis Championships a go, but if you’re thinking about purchasing the game, I would say hold off until it’s on sale.

Check out our first ever live review, where I played the game live on Twitch all the while talking about the game.

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Matchpoint Tennis Championships


  • The Announcer and the Crowd Lacks Energy
  • Bare Bone features

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