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Move with Your Web-based Xnspy Control Panel – A Performance Review


Jan 18, 2023

Did you know that more than fifty percent of the adolescents and teenagers in the world who use the internet become victims of bullying or they bully others? Twenty-five percent of these become victims through their cell phones. Did you also know that one out of three people use emails, text messages, and internet messengers and they are victims of cyber threats? Most importantly, did you know that girls are easier targets of cyber bullying? You probably didn’t know all this, but there is a lot more that can disturb you. This is why an increasing number of people worldwide are using iOS or android monitoring software to protect loved ones. One such app is XnSpy, which is a web-based app.

In recent days, there have been numerous similar apps flooding the market, which makes the competition really challenging. The challenge here is for competitors to offer customers better monitoring features but at the same time offer the least possible price. You may find numerous reviews about several apps, but make sure you read between the lines. The most common problem customers face after they subscribe to most other apps is that they don’t offer half of the promised services.

I think, for the first time, I’ve come across an app that actually offers everything it promises and at the same time ensures that its customers get value for their money. Xnspy android monitoring software is not an ordinary app because it has an array of features that prove useful both at home and at work. Employers have been able to use the app to improve workplace discipline and to increase productivity. Likewise, parents have been able to prevent their children from suffering from cyber bullying.

The most important feature of this app is that it is a comprehensive app. This is an all-in-one app encompasses numerous innovative features. Moreover, it is not complex but is easy to understand and use. Users can use it while they are on the go and track their target devices, and hence the person with the cell phone, no matter where they are in the world.

You don’t have to wait until you get home or to your PC to be able to track a target person’s cell phone activity. As long as you have a browser and internet connection, you can use the web-based control panel on your cell phone.

People who have used the app have attested to the fact that it works on various cell phones and is very small. It doesn’t occupy too much space on the target device if they are Android or Jailbroken iOS devices. In the case of non-Jailbroken iOS devices, users simply use iCloud without manual installation.

Design of Control Panel

At a glance, when you look at the control panel, we all will agree that it is a very organized and neat app. Upon logging into the control panel, you see the list of devices subscribed to the app. All you need to do is select the device that you wish to monitor. The dashboard has all the features that the app offers for comprehensive monitoring. All you have to do is click on respective features and the activities will appear on your screen. Below is a list of product highlights that users can enjoy.

Product Highlights/Features

  • Monitor GPS locations
  • Use Geo-fencing
  • Monitor text messages
  • Monitor internet messengers
  • Monitor Facebook messenger and Instagram
  • Monitor apps installed
  • Monitor calendar entries
  • Monitor photos and videos
  • Monitor browsing history and bookmarks
  • Monitor calls and record surroundings
  • Use watch-list feature for contacts and words
  • Monitor emails
  • Stay undetectable
  • Remote access
  • Get alerts 24/7






High Customer Turnover

This app has 95% employer satisfaction rate, and so far is monitoring 45,000 employees all around the world. At the same time, it serves as a successful parental control app too and has 93% parent satisfaction rate. It is protecting more than 70,000 children worldwide at this time. Other people also use it for monitoring loved ones like spouses and elderly people with health issues.

Android Monitoring Software Performance

Overall, all the specifications seem very good and make the app seem quite high-end. Thinking about its stakes in terms of usage in the real world, it proves very helpful. Sometimes, we need a means of knowing what people use their cell phones for and if they are being responsible.

Users have 100% surety that they can monitor a target device without detection. The creators are so serious about this that they offer a money back guarantee if customers do not find truth in their claims. The app doesn’t have any bugs and has constant customer service available around the clock. If users have questions and need assistance, they can be sure to find it.


Before moving on, one more thing to consider is the price. This app is available for as low as $8.33 per month for the basic version and as low as $12.49 per month for the premium version. In terms of value, it is worth more than the money. You can use this android monitoring software frequently and activate automatic monthly re-subscription.


To conclude, Xnspy is one of the best monitoring apps and a strong contender for similar apps. It is user-friendly, looks very appealing, and definitely offers users peace of mind. They occasionally have sale offers so keep looking out for those.


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