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Holiday Gadget Review – 1More Spearhead VR Headset


Jan 16, 2023

With the Holidays in full swing, everyone is looking for either last-minute gift ideas, or that one special present to really top off the gifts they’ve already gotten. For gamers, many of us have expensive tastes, or at the very least, we like to invest in gadgets that will last us a while and help us make the most of our gaming endeavors. To that end, I decided to review the Spearhead VR headset (thanks to the people at 1More who offered to send over a headset for us to try) to see for myself whether the Spearhead VR headset would be a great holiday purchase.

If you would like to check out my unboxing of the Spearhead VR Headset by 1More feel free to check it out below –

The first thing people should know is that I tend to have terrible luck with headsets. I either find one I like only for it to break after six months, or I try one out and it just either doesn’t fit right or has issues with performance that wind up putting a bad taste in my mouth. With the Spearhead VR headset, I wound up with neither of those problems (despite the fact that it took a little bit of fiddling to get the headset working.)

The Spearhead VR headset comes with both a 3mm audio jack cable, and a USB cable. I personally found that the USB cable was the way to go, because you can not only adjust the headset settings with the driver software, but also it seems to provide a more stable connection. When I connected with the audio jack I got a vastly inferior connection, with lowered audio quality, where as sitting with the USB plugged in, I got great audio (including 7.1 surround sound quality) and fantastic noise cancelling functionality.

For some reason with the audio jack plugged in, I also had the problem of only getting audio out of one ear, the ear that the connection was plugged into. For that reason, I would suggest that you test both connections out for yourself and see which one you prefer. For me, I have a hard time using too many USB peripherals due to the problem of limited USB ports so I would have loved to be able to use the audio jack to keep it connected, but it is clear that the design is meant to be USB primarily.

(Spearhead VR Headset, 1More)

One complaint I had with the Spearhead VR headset is with its “Quick Start Guide” that was provided in the box. Because 1More headsets are Chinese made, I didn’t really expect the instructions to be helpful (especially since I received an email with secondary instructions in it for press review purposes) and I wasn’t surprised by the fact that the instruction booklet really wasn’t helpful at all. It gave enough information for me to figure it out on my own, but aside from telling me that I should be careful taking the headset off or putting it on (leading me to believe that these headsets are probably somewhat fragile), they didn’t really help all that much. In fact, some of the phrases and instructions in the booklet were either misleading, confusing, or just made no sense outright.

Despite that, I think the 1More Spearhead VR headset is very comfortable to wear, and has great sound quality. The microphone isn’t adjustable which was a bit annoying for me as I like to move it to a perfect spot so people can hear me properly. However, with the microphone actually being a part of the earpiece set in flush against it, I wasn’t all that happy with the microphone bit.

I do like that the cord plugs in tightly both to the headset itself and to the computer. I was a little worried when I opened the box that the connection would be loose, or unreliable, but I haven’t had that problem at all. In fact, sometimes it can be a pain to unplug it, but I personally would prefer that over having too loose of a connection.

Overall, I would say that if you are in need of a new headset, the 1More Spearhead VR headset is a good option. It has customizable LED lighting, adjustable earpieces, surround sound, adjustable volume control, and a few other bits that make it a very comfortable, solid headset. My only concerns are that the headset might be a bit fragile (according to a few things in the instruction manual,) and that the microphone could have been better. I also am confused about why you would even use the audio connector when it seems obvious that 1More intends you to use the headset as a USB headset.

For $149.99, I feel like the price is a little bit steep, but at the same time, you are not only getting noise cancelling, and surround sound, but you also get a headset that works both on console and PC. As a bonus, the 1More Spearhead VR headset comes with a drawstring bag for easy transportation, so it adds to the gift value. The 1More Spearhead VR headset is a multi-purpose headset, and for that reason alone it could make a great gift for the gamer in your life, especially if they play on both PC and Console.

1More provided a review model of the Spearhead VR headset for the purpose of this review.


Spearhead VR Headset



  • Comfortable Earpieces
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Adjustable LED lighting
  • Drawstring Bag for Transport
  • Snug connectors and cables


  • Microphone isn’t adjustable
  • Audio Jack connector isn’t really viable
  • Problematic for people with limited USB ports
  • Instruction Manual is useless
  • Fragile and not intended for heavy use

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