• Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Prince Harry has crossed ‘basic moral line’ by exposing Kate texts about Charlotte


Jan 13, 2023

Prince Harry is accused of crossing a moral line as he talks about Kate Middleton’s children.

The Duke of Sussex, who is very particular about his own children, has violated the Prince of Wales’ kids right to privacy.

Reputation management expert Edward Coram-James tells Express.co.uk: “From a reputation management perspective, the most basic element is not to be seen doing the thing that you are accusing the other side of doing.”

Harry “discussing intimate details about the children of others” risks “crossing a basic but crucial moral line regarding monetising controversial stories related to children,” he notes.

This comes after Harry revealed a text message from Kate sent to Meghan Markle discussing how Princess Charlotte is ‘crying’ after looking at her bridesmaid dress ahead of the 2018 Sussex wedding. 

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