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Innovation at its Best: Telangana Man Transforms Motorcycle into Electric Bike With Rs 1.3 Lakh


Jan 13, 2023

Last Updated: January 13, 2023, 15:39 IST

Akhil Reddy (Photo Credits: News18)

Akhil Reddy saw his father’s problem of not being able to drive the motorcycle to the farm due to the drastic increase in petrol prices which made him upgrade the old motorcycle to an electric bike.

Karimnagar: Innovation can drive a person to create things effectively and efficiently. This is what a youngster from Telangana did by upgrading an old motorcycle to an electric bike that would help his father to reach the farm without any hassle. His newly upgraded electric bike can travel a distance of 180 km after being charged for five hours.

To give a background of the innovator, Kasam Akhil Reddy is a native of Munjampally village of Manakondur Mandal in Karimnagar district, Telangana. He completed his Diploma (Polytechnic) in Automobile Engineering from Lovely Professional University, Punjab.

Akhil Reddy (Photo Credits: News18)

While at home, Akhil witnessed his father’s problem of not being able to ride the motorcycle to the farm due to the drastic increase in petrol prices recently. As the farm was located far from his home, he thought of an alternate option that would also require his technical skills to be put in place productively.

He went on to transform his father’s old Hero Honda motorbike into an electric bike by fixing a speedometer, with a motor of 4.8 KW, a controller, and a converter to the vehicle. With the concept of the law of gravitational force, he created a vehicle where the rider would not lose his balance even though the bike moves at a speed of 70 km/hour.

Keeping in mind the recent cases of electric bikes being exploded due to the battery blast, Akhil kept his bike under the sun for three days at a hillock near his native village. As the transformed bike didn’t show any more problems, Akhil connected a miniature circuit breaker to it in order to avoid any future contingencies in case the motor draws more power from the battery.

When News18 approached the ‘creative’ man, Akhil revealed that his electric bike has completed a test period of 18 months while he would still wait for another two years for the final outcome. He has spent Rs.1.3 lakh on the bike so far. According to the developer, the electric bike can cover a distance of 180 km with a battery charge of five hours and about 200 km with a charge of eight hours along with the utilisation of five units of electricity.

Akhil Reddy (Photo Credits: News18)

Akhil looks forward to bringing the electric bike into the market at the lowest possible price to make it affordable for the common man. Truly, it’s the people like him, who are selfless and willing to invest their knowledge in doing something good for society, that makes this world a better place to live.

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