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Report: Upgraded Xbox One Codenamed Scorpio, Releasing in 2017


Jan 12, 2023

Microsoft’s Xbox One console is set to receive two new pieces of hardware in the coming years: one a slimmer model of the original, and the other an upgraded model. The news comes from Kotaku sources.

If the inside sources are to be believed, a smaller version of the Xbox One is to be released sometime this year, with the upgraded hardware following in 2017. The “Scorpio”, which has been revealed as the codename for the unconfirmed device, will have an upgraded GPU capable of producing 4k graphics.

Interestingly, development sources have raised an issue with the fact that the console doesn’t include other improvements. Though the Scorpio will be capable of outputting better visuals, the technology used to read data from the disc drive or hard drive will not be upgraded. This may lead to struggles in transferring data at a suitable rate.

The multi-tiered release schedule and plans for the new Xbox One consoles are part of an iterative approach Microsoft is said to be using going forward. Instead of releasing an immensely upgraded console every half decade or so, Microsoft will launch smaller, incremental hardware revisions every few years.

This approach to upgrading and releasing new hardware is also in line with Microsoft’s new strategy, called “Project Helix”, to marry their Xbox and Windows gaming brands.

Earlier this year we reported that Quantum Break players on Xbox One would be able to redeem codes to play the game on Windows, and that Phil Spencer is interested in elevating Windows 10 as the go-to destination for PC gaming.

If all this turns out to be true, Microsoft has similar plans to Sony and their hotly discussed PlayStation Neo, with a major difference in the reported release date. With E3 fast approaching, look forward to more news from BagoGames on the future of both consoles.

Source: Kotaku

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