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No Joke! New 2DS XL Revealed By Nintendo


Jan 11, 2023

April Fools Day has passed yet Nintendo’s latest announcement of a New 2DS XL still seems like an internet joke.


Formally announced on Nintendo’s own YouTube Channel, the system features everything the New 3DS XL has, minus the 3-dimensional portion. The New 2DS XL will launch in the United States on July 28th for the retail suggested price of $149.99. It will also be released alongside two new 3DS Family System games: Hey! PIKMIN and Miitopia.

New 2DS XL/ Nintendo

The same large top screen on the New 3DS XL will also be featured on the 2DS XL to help players experience their games to the fullest in 2D. Although slightly lighter than its New 3DS XL counterpart, this new 2DS still has the same processor power. This handheld also contains built-in NFC reader support so players can scan their amiibo figures and amiibo cards easily on the go while playing supported games.

All of the 3DS games can be played on the New 2DS XL in 2D. Play a few favorites like Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing or even Pokemon! Or when you pick up this lighter system you could grab Nintendo’s upcoming Miitopia.

Miitopia / Nintendo
Miitopia / Nintendo

Miitopia involves Miis and RPG-like elements. Customize your Miis, build up relationships and create teams to defeat Dark Lord who is stealing the faces of Miitopia’s residents. Which ever 3DS games you choose to play, they will work on the new installment of the 3DS/2DS family. Leave a comment below and let us know if you will be grabbing the New 2DS XL and which games you plan on playing!

Source: Nintendo Press Room and Nintendo YouTube Channel

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