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Using Drones To Monitor Your Cannabis Farm


Jan 10, 2023

The use of drones to collect and analyze data for farming of marijuana is helpful for farmers who wish to better manage and monitor their crops throughout the crops’ growing cycle. Artificial intelligence and automation are being used nowadays to properly manage the booming industry of marijuana farming. With its legalization in North America, the use of drones and other computer-assisted technologies have been in great demand. The legalization of growing weed has allowed many growers to bring out their trade from indoor gardening (where they were discreetly managing their crops, not condoned by us) outdoors where they can start full scale farming of this crop. The diversification of strains being planted also calls for a more precise method of management of farms. If you are interested about different hybrids of weed available today, these are common strains that you can find in most farms today.

Drone Tech for cannabis farming
Drone tech is bringing cannabis farming to the next level…

Automation in Farming

When people think about automation in farming, the most common things they think about are automatic sprinklers and computerized greenhouses. As more and more marijuana growers are opting to plant upon acres of land, the use of drones in farming has become the ultimate necessity for many.

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What really catapulted the industry of marijuana farming is the boost in the CBD industry. Countless scientific studies have confirmed the health benefits of CBD to people. These studies are now pushing the demand for CBD products higher and higher every day. The increase in the market of demand is fueling the competition among marijuana growers. The rise in popularity of CBD products also has people asking questions like “will full-spectrum cbd products get you high?”. Today, more and more of them are pushing for bigger farms to accommodate the huge demand for CBD products. With a bigger size of farms came a new set of problems and challenges for the farmers. Managing huge farms with as little manpower requires a specific set of technologies that also include the use of drones, but how exactly does this work? What are the things that a marijuana farmer can actually do with drones? The simple answer is precision farming.

Precision Farming

Precision farming is colloquially being used to describe the use of computers and artificial intelligence in farming. In most cases, marijuana growers are having difficulty attracting people to work in their farms. Drones are capable of taking high-quality, multi-sensor imagery and analytics of these strains and many others. This allows many farmers to track and monitor their crops. Ultimately, a farmer can improve his farm’s profitability by using the data collected by the drone. As such, the use of these technologies is necessary in order for marijuana growers to properly monitor and manage their crops. By flying a drone over the marijuana farms, farmers can now monitor hectares upon hectares of land every day. What will take a week to do will now be in minutes because of the drones. This allows farmers to reduce their dependence on time-and-labor intensive ground-based manual work in the field. Visual and multi-spectral data are collected by the drone as it flies over the land. The farmer in turn would just need to hire someone who can fly the drone and can analyze the data being collected. Visit theseedpharm.com for more tips on how to get quality buds.

One of many Drones sold on the market…

What Can Drones Do

If you are interested in using drones to run your marijuana farm, it is very important that you know exactly what type of services drones are being utilized for. Drones can be used for a variety of reasons. It all depends on the sensors that you attach in your drones and the applications you install to analyze the data being collected. The following are just five of the most commonly used drone technologies in marijuana farming. Go ahead and find Weed Online at TopTierCannabis and choose your favorite strains.

  • Counting – a computer is still better when it comes to counting the number of crops than by manually estimating. Physically counting your plants can be exhausting. For most people, it is outright impossible. This is why for most people they just do rough estimates. However, since drones are being run by computers, the computer can count your crops using the drones’ sensors. The data that you can collect will help you quickly and precisely count plants in a field.
  • Crop scouting – this is probably the most common use for using drones in marijuana farms. Crop scouting is used for inspection of the farms. There are many things you can see at a birds-eye-view than being on the ground. By using a drone, you can scout your entire field in minutes to look for problems in your crops.-Discolorations and thinning of branches as a result of plant diseases and depleted minerals in the soil can be easily scouted through the use of drones. Pests can also be spotted and once you do, you can call on professionals like Alpha Pest Control to handle it immediately.
  • Mapping of the field – some people hire engineers to map their farms. With drones, you can easily explore and read the topography of your fields. Your drone can also accurately check the soil type of different areas in your field. With data from your drone, you can wisely set up and manage irrigation for your farm. Afterwards, you can utilize your tractors to do some agricultural operations. Just make sure that all their parts are still okay. If not, you can take a look online which site might be the number one source for compact tractor parts and foreign tractor parts.
  • Monitoring of the health, vigor, and look of marijuana – computers do not lie. They provide you with accurate data. PureHempFarms says that using your drones, you can easily check for any presence of pests, plant diseases, weeds, and under- or over-watering.
  • Sizing – the same with counting, you can easily replace eye-ball estimation of the size of your farm using the aerial imagery and analytics of your drones. The sensors in your drone can help you accurately measure the size of your crops across your farm. The height of your crops is a great indication of their maturity and age. If your farm is the size of an ocean, then utilizing farm machines, like john deere windrowers, would be ideal in improving efficiency.

Final Thoughts

Of course these are only five of the growing list of things that marijuana farmers can do with a drone. The industry of cannabis is now booming, as noted here. There is no better than today for increasing the size of your farm. Marijuana has only been recently legalized; as such the room for growth is enormous. You can also check out What Happens When You Mix Raw Honey and CBD here. Figuratively and literally, you can expand your business if you want to. This is of course if you will use the right kind of help in your farm. The use of drones and other technologies should be able to help you. We hope that through this article, we can guide you to make the right and wisest decisions in your marijuana business.

What are your thoughts on using drone tech for weed control and cannabis farming? Let us know in the comment section below.

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